REYKJAVIK // I’ve never done a blog post on Iceland *adds to list* but it’s probably one of the favourite holidays I’ve ever had. Seeing the Northern Lights has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember and in Iceland, I got to see them in all their emerald shimmering glory. Aside from the Northern Lights, there’s also the Blue Lagoon which is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. The people are so friendly and the whimsical capital is just so pretty with its colourful storybook houses. Ah just writing this makes me want to go back! I’ll do a much-delayed post on Iceland in the next few weeks.


SANT’AGATA // There’s a reason why people litter your Instagram with the breath taking views of the Amalfi Coast. Put simply, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. We originally intended to stay in Sorrento but ended up staying in the cutest rural town called Sant’Agata. I much preferred this as it was significantly less touristy than Sorrento and also had the most amazing family-run restaurants. If you ever do visit the Amalfi Coast be sure to check out Eduardo. He’s a private driver-come-tour-guide (he also does airport transfers at a very reasonable rate) and does the best tours from his air conditioned car. He’s so passionate about his job and you’ll be in the best hands as he’s Sorrento born and bred.


MARRAKECH // I was in pottery heaven in Marrakech. We brought back so many plates, bowls, and tagines. We were so over our luggage limit but thankfully we got away with it! We also managed to get it all back to the UK without a single piece breaking! The weirdest thing about Marrakech is the fact you can be sat baking in the sun, but still be able to see snow on the top of the Atlas Mountains – it’s very odd! I loved the people in Marrakech and the souks were my idea of heaven. If you ever go, make sure you check out one of the argan oil women’s co-operatives. It’s well worth a visit to see how the famous beauty oil is made.


PARIS // Cliché? Yes, but absolutely justified in my opinion. When people tell me that they didn’t like Paris I have to restrain myself from shouting in their face “that’s because you’ve not been the right bit!”. When people visit for the first time, understandably they tend to stick to the touristy bits of Paris. But that isn’t real Paris! My favourite area is Saint Germain with its boutique shops, bakeries, pharmacies (hello City Pharma) and proximity to the Luxembourg gardens.


MANHATTAN // I couldn’t do this list without including my beloved New York. Growing up we regularly went over in summer because half of our family are out there. Spring or Autumn is the best time to visit in my opinion. I got windburn on the Brooklyn Bridge when trying to taking photos in winter, and summer in the city is crazy hot. Of course, I have the mention the food. Be prepared to put on weight from the amount of delicious deli sandwiches and little Italy pizza you’re likely to consume.