There’s been an influx of new and exciting tanning innovations recently, with most major tanning brands bringing out new products. Being somewhat of a tan connoisseur, I’ve sifted through the new launches to share those you need to know about this summer.

Sienna X High-Intensity Tanning Express Tan // £24.95 // HERE – A relatively new launch from Sienna X is their ‘HIT’ express tan. You’ll notice that more brands are starting to follow the trend of minimal wear time, with Sienna X is the latest to join. I love this because there’s nothing worse than waiting around for your tan to develop, so the quicker I can wash it off, the better. With the Sienna X HIT Express Tan, you apply to dry skin and leave on for an hour, after which you’re free to wash it off. The key is to pat and not rub yourself dry afterwards, as the tan will continue to develop for a further 2-4 hours. This is a very ‘red’ tan and when you’re washing it off in the shower you’ll be like ‘what IS this stuff?!’ but I promise it’ll leave you with a very natural looking tan and definitely will develop, so don’t be fooled by the initial colour after washing off. I found it faded well and didn’t give me the tell-tale ‘lizard skin’ appearance when fake tan starts to ‘crack’.

Good for: Hard-core tanning addicts who want a medium to dark tan and fast. 

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Golden Glow ‘Medium’ Tanning Lotion // £14.50 // HERE – You might remember this time last year when St Tropez launched their revolutionary in-shower gradual tan. The idea was that you smothered yourself in the caramel gel-cream whilst in the shower, stood for 3 minutes, then rinsed it off. Your tan would then develop over the next few hours. In theory, this was a brilliant idea, and I did see it give me a very light golden hue, but being a fan of a darker tan, I wanted something a bit deeper. Thankfully, St Tropez has done just that and brought out a ‘medium’ version that incorporates their signature 100% natural DHA with Vegetan Premium – that’s the DHA with added melanin enhancers that you’ll find in the St-Tropez Dark products. I found this to give a slightly deeper tan, but it’s still quite a fair hue. St Tropez is undoubtedly the leader in when it comes to tanning, so I can’t wait to see what they bring out next!

Good for: Paler skin types to add a light golden hue. 



St Tropez Everyday Tinted Body Lotion // £15.00 // HERE – This is one of those products that had me thinking ‘why hasn’t someone thought about this sooner?’ I like gradual tans every now and again because they’re buildable and you’re not stuck with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ colour. The only problem with them was that you could never really see where you were applying them (they’re typically colourless) so I sometimes ended up with white patches. St Tropez launched their Everyday Tinted Body Lotion back in March which has all the benefits of a normal gradual tanner, except this time it has a natural tint to add a touch of bronze. I also noticed that it has a slight blurring effect – think a more toned down version of Sally Hansen’s Perfect Legs Spray – thanks to ‘silicone cosmetic powders’ that imparts of a sort of air-brushed finish.

Good for: Those that want a very natural tan that can be built up, whilst offering moisturising benefits.

Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion // £18.00 // HERE –  Long time readers of my blog will know my love for the Clarins Liquid Bronze Tanning Lotion. Having used the stuff since my late teens I’ve been through a somewhat excessive amount of bottles! Recently, however, I’ve found myself swayed towards a new facial tanner from Clarins. I don’t know much about the launch of this, but I saw Cherry Sue in Ireland with a bottle of the Clarins Milky Lotion and had to hunt it down. It wasn’t easy as nowhere had it in stock! Eventually, I found that Escentual had some and got to testing it as soon as it arrived. The first thing you’ll notice is the heavenly smell. Anyone who is a fan of figs will adore it. Secondly, you’ll notice it gives you the most natural looking facial tan you’ve ever come across. In terms of the colour it’s near identical to the Liquid Bronze Tanning Lotion, but I much prefer the formula and scent of the Milky Lotion, so will be using it as my go-to facial tanner from now on – something I never thought I’d say!