life-lately-beccy-on-beautyOne Aldwych looking wonderfully festive // Louise Young newness // Crosstown Doughnuts deliciousness // Book of Mormon & Pizza // Bright blue skies in Manchester (and they say it’s grim up North – ha!) // Obligatory avocado on toast shot // Mexican feasting // Proud sibling alert // Covent Garden mistletoe

eating // a whole lot healthier, despite the temptation of the festive season. The above would contradict that slightly, but aside from the odd doughnut and a meal out I’ve been a lot better with my eating recently.

drinking // too much booze. You know the story, it’s Christmas. There’s booze everywhere you look! Still loving a good Aperol Spritz.

enjoying // buying Christmas presents! It’s one of my favourite things to do at Christmas. I’ve done virtually all of my shopping online this year. I’ve also made a nice little sider earner of cash by buying everything through Quidco. Not a plug at all, but definitely worth doing if you do a lot of online shopping.

listening // to Justin Bieber. Sorry. Ha, pun not intended. I never thought I’d like Justin Bieber, but I am loving every single one of his songs at the moment. What’s going on?!

walking // around London and enjoying all the Christmas lights. Say what you want about London, but at Christmas it is magical. If you get chance, go and have a look at the Harrod’s Christmas windows.

needing // a break! I cannot WAIT to go home over Christmas. I’ve got two and a half weeks off – the longest I’ve had off since University!

travelling // here, there and everywhere. I’ve been to Wales just last week, then I’ve got a few weeks up North for Christmas where I’m sure I’ll be doing more travelling around to see everyone.

thinking // I better stop blogging and get on with Fristmas. Today is our ‘fake christmas’ where we have friends over and I cook a full Christmas dinner. Potatoes, gravy and pig in blankets are all done. Now it’s time for everything else.

wearing // all the knitwear. I’ve even invested in a black roll neck jumper this year – something I never thought I’d do. Now I’m on the hunt for a nice chunky grey jumper. Suggestions welcome!

practising // switching up my makeup. I’ve had the same day makeup for too long, so it’s time for a change. You know how people get in style ruts? I’ve got in a makeup rut and am in need of some inspiration. Please send over any links you think would be relevant!

learning // that Tom, my little brother, has got a place in the Army Air Corps as a Pilot. He’s doing his first year at Sandhurst at the moment and has always said since he was little that he wanted to fly planes. *Very proud sibling alert*.

reading // Lifeabet by Aaron Gilles. Aaron is the husband of fellow blogger and my friend Lex. He has a hilarious Twitter account that’ll have you stitches. The book is a continuation  of this and documents Aaron’s observations on modern life. It will 100% have you laughing out loud on the tube. Honestly, go grab a copy or download on your kindle – you won’t be disappointed.

working // Really hard in the run up the Christmas, as I’m sure most people are. Usually I dread going back to work after the Christmas break, but this year I know I’ll feel so much better. I’m so incredibly happy with my work life at the moment, so the thought of going back after a long break has got me excited instead of anxious.

cooking // Potato rosti, gammon and egg stacks. Sounds really basic, but my god it’s delicious.

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    Love these posts Beccy! xx