You know when you come across a product and you think “why the bloody hell has no one thought of this before?” Well, that was my exact thought when I discovered the OSKIA Rose De Mai Massage Candle – a beautiful smelling candle that melts down into a luxurious body oil.

I like to use it on evenings where I’m having a bath and a bit of a pamper. I light the wick just before I get in, then by the time I’ve got out, just enough oil will have melted to do a whole body application. The just warm temperature of the oil seems to nudge my muscles into the perfect state of relaxation and prepare me for the land of nod. It’s honestly just so, so heavenly.

A blend of soy bean, beeswax and coconut oil make it an extremely hydrating and nourishing treatment – perfect for limbs that get a bit neglected this time of year. It just feels so indulgent, almost like you’ve cocooned your skin in cashmere – a feeling that lasts a good 24 hours after application, which I see as a testament to the quality of ingredients used.

Other things to note? It has a beautiful delicate rose aroma, it lasts for absolutely ages and a final point, the pot can be rinsed out and re-used for things like storing makeup brushes, stationary, even flowers as Space.NK demonstrated recently!

The OSKIA Rose De Mai Massage Candle is £34.50 and is available from Space.NK and www.oskiaskincare.com


  • I’ve never seen anything like this before, I love the idea of it! Such a genius product. Loving your photography in this post as always!


    • Beccy On Beauty

      Thank you Jess x

  • expatmuaddict

    Oh my goodness, this is actually genius!!!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict

    • Beccy On Beauty

      Brilliant isn’t it! Such a clever little candle!