Now I was going to share my pictures from Budapest, but seeing as I made a little video I thought I might as well share that instead as it’s much more interesting! I love travelling with my friends, we had such a good time and watching the video back is making me seriously look forward to another city break with them all again soon. We’re thinking Amsterdam, but I’d love to hear any recommendations you might have. Anyway, on to Budapest…


Pretty much all of the food we had in Budapest was lovely! Very rich and heavy, but delicious. I’ve picked out my favourite places below:

  • Pest Buda – This was my favourite meal in Budapest. It’s a traditional Hungarian bistro with typical dishes such as goulash and dumplings. I had some of the best duck I’ve ever had and the goulash was pretty tasty too.
  • Gelato Rosa – The prettiest ice cream I ever did see! These ice creams were shaped like roses – you can see them being made in the video above. I thought they might be a bit of a gimmick, but they were actually bloody delicious. I had strawberry and elderflower sorbet, belgian chocolate and salted caramel. Obvs.
  • Kürtőskalács – Yes I had to look up how to spell that. You’ll spot little carts all around Budapest selling these pastries. They’re a sweet dough that’s wrapped around a hot cylinder then baked before being dipped in butter and flavoured sugar. I think in the end we tried pretty much all the flavours – I’d go for vanilla and cinnamon if I were to have one again. They peel away in strips as you’ll see in the video above.
  • Central Cafe – From the outside, this place doesn’t look like much, but inside it’s such an incredibly beautiful building. It dates back to 1887 and had some of the most delicious looking pastries on offer. We came here for a leisurely breakfast on our first morning and everything we had was lovely, but I think it would be better as an afternoon coffee and cake stop.



We managed to fit in a fair amount considering we were only there for 2 days. The best place to explore is always by foot, but we did get a couple of taxis seeing as they were so cheap. Here’s my pick of what we did:

  • Hungarian Baths/ Thermal Spa’s – There’s a big spa culture in Budapest, with most locals visiting once or twice a week to make the most of the thermal water that fills many of the baths and spas. We went to the Rudas baths straight after our flight and it was SO GOOD. There are so many different pools with different temperatures, including an ice pool that we braved, but the best by far was the open air pool on the top of the building. The baths are right on the river front and despite the rain, it was still amazing to see the river Danube from a steaming hot pool.
  • Ruin Bars – Again, there’s a big trend for ruin bars in Budapest. Szimpla was a brilliant one that had a big food market on the Sunday we were there. Drinks are dirt cheap, as they are in most of Budapest. We’re talking £1 pints…
  • St Stephen’s Basilica – Such a beautiful building. Make sure you pay to go to the top (although if you’re scared of stairs with gaps inbetween, I’d highly recommend taking the lift. I was absolutely terrified). Once you get to the top you get amazing panoramic views of Budapest.
  • Shoes on the Danube – A touching memorial dedicated to the Jews who were killed during WWII. Jews were told to take off their shoes at the edge of the water, before being shot so their bodies fell in to the river and were carried away. The shoes, sculpted by Gyula Pauer, are incredibly detailed, and there were even some of tiny toddlers shoes which was very upsetting.
  • Parliment – Beautiful, beautiful architecture. Absolute must see.
  • Fisherman’s Bastion – Get the lift to the top, but walk down. The lift is really cool and once you get to the top you get incredible panoramic views again (but from the opposite side of the river compared to St Stephen’s Basilica).


There was a mix up with our apartments that we booked through booking.com, and whilst the new accommodation they provided us with was fine, it’s not necessarily what any of us would have chosen. Budapest is split into two parts by the river Danube – one side is Buda, the other Pest. We stayed in Pest which I personally found a little rough around the edges, but seeing as we hardly spent any time there it didn’t matter too much. If I were to go to Budapest again, I’d definitely prefer to stay in Buda. It’s much more picturesque in my opinion, and I just generally preferred it more.

  • http://www.mybeautysleuth.com MyBeautysleuth Sarah

    Love Budapest and the thermal baths are too much fun!


    • Beccy On Beauty

      They were my favourite part about Budapest! I love that the whole city is so into spas and baths – my kind of place!