Weekend Snippets

1. I started my weekend off with a 45 minute run. I found it really difficult because I’ve developed a huge blister on my arch of my left foot. It’s incredibly irritating that something so small (in the grand scheme of injuries) can cause so much pain! I’ve tried everything to try and prevent them so if anyone has any tips please do let me know by leaving a comment ¬†below.

2. I made some healthy(ish) flapjacks at the weekend and I have to say, they tasted delicious. I took this recipe from good food and adapt it slightly but substituting some of the nuts and dried fruits and by using coconut oil instead of butter. I’d definitely make them again, even Joe was a fan which says a lot!

3. On Saturday afternoon we had planned to have a family picnic. Joe’s Mum and Sister were visiting and we planned on meeting with his nan, cousin and aunt in Greenwich park to enjoy lots of M&S goodies. As is typical with UK summertime, it poured down, meaning that we had to move the picnic indoors.

4. The rest of Saturday was quite laid back. I spent some time drawing and doodling in bed. I’m planning on using my bank holiday weekend to play with some more watercolours.

5. Sunday was spent at Whitstable with Joe’s family. Thankfully the weather was a LOT nicer than the previous day and although there was a breeze and a few clouds in the sky, Joe still managed to get sunburnt. They had these really cute beach huts all along the coast. There was a breton striped one I had my eye on! We ate fish & chips and strolled in the sun – all in all a lovely afternoon.

6. Sunday nights tea was a lighter option considering the huge fish and chips for lunch. I took this recipe from The First Mess (one of my new favourite food blogs). The recipe turned out OK, I think there was too much turmeric in there so next time I think I’ll do some ingredient swapping.

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are making the most of the extra day off. I woke up thinking ‘bugger I’m late’ then realised it was the bank holiday and promptly went back to sleep feeling very smug!