Delving into Fragrance Oils

Since having my own flat I’ve become quite accustomed to home fragrance. Candles I love, reed diffusers not so much. Recently though, I’ve been trying out home fragrance oils after buying a burner along with three fragrances from The Body Shop in their 50% off sale near Christmas. I can safely say I’m a convert. They do a much better job of filling the room with fragrance compared to candles, are a lot more cost effective, plus you get the benefit of a soft glow from the burner.

The Aloe & Soft Linen Oil is my favourite out of three. It creates that ‘we’ve just changed the sheets’ smell that I personally love. It’s a very clean and fresh scent and is the one I reach for the most. For a more fruity scent I turn to the Pomegranate & Raspberry Oil for a juicy, but not at all synthetic scent. It’s very strong and I’ve found only 8 drops of this is needed to fill a medium sized room. Finally, the Jasmine & White Frangipani Oil is the most sophisticated scent of the three. It’s what I feel posh hotels smell like (weird reference I know, but you’ll get what I mean hopefully!). The Green Tea & Lemon and Vanilla & Tonka Bean scents are next on my list.

For those new to oil burning I’d advise washing the burner ‘lid’ every time you want to use it, otherwise you’ll pick up previous scent. You fill the dish with a small amount of water then drop 5-15 drops (dependant on how strong it is) into the water then pop a lit tea light candle underneath. It’s a case of trial and error when it comes to how many drops you use so feel free to experiment!

Have you used an oil burner before? Are you more of a candle person? Let me know by leaving a comment below.