eating // lots of eggs. Mainly in the form of either Shakshuka or placed on top …

    I’ve been playing about with film making recently, as you might have noticed from …

    After being cooped up in the house for a few days due to a stinking …

    As soon as I started to write this post on the Holistic Silk Eye Mask …


life-lately-list-beccy-on-beauty-beccy-on-lifestyleeating // lots of eggs. Mainly in the form of either Shakshuka or placed on top of some avocado mashed in to sour dough.

drinking // Aperol Spritz. My new favourite drink.

enjoying // the US Office. After finishing Parks & Recreation I needed a new series to get in to.

listening // to the podcast ‘Happier’ by Gretchen Rubin. I’ve been hooked on Gretchen’s advice ever since I read an article about her in Red magazine. Happier podcasts are 25 minutes of little tips and tricks you can incorporate in to your life to make you happier. So far I’ve adopted the 1 minute rule and a weekly power hour. Definitely worth a listen.

walking // around Budapest. We did so much walking which is the best way to discover a city I find.

needing // a trip back home. London is great and everything, but sometimes I need to press the reset button and I do this by visiting my home in Lancashire or Joe’s house by the beach in Newcastle.

travelling // to Budapest. Beautiful city with amazing architecture, good food and such cheap drinks! I’ve made a video that I’ll be uploading over the next week.

thinking // about what sort of roast I’m going to cook for everyone this Sunday. I’m thinking a treacle marinated beef joint.

wearing // Levi 721 jeans. I’ve never owned a pair of ‘proper’ jeans and after getting through another pair of Topshop jeans I decided enough was enough and to invest in some Levi’s. Probably the best purchase I’ve made all year.

practising // getting my running speed up to where it was. I’m not a fast runner at all (nor I doubt I ever will be), but I’m trying to get my 5K to 29/30 minutes again.

learning // how to put my hair in to a chignon. This elusive hair style has evaded me for years, so I’m keen to master it as it just looks so put together and chic.

reading //  The Good Bride Guide by Matt Dunn.

working // hard at the job that I love. In terms of my career, this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

cooking // black rice salad with mango, coconut, cashews, spring onions and a lime-chilli dressing. I’ve had it for lunch practically every day for the last two weeks.



I’ve been playing about with film making recently, as you might have noticed from the video I posted last month about Greenwich Park. I wanted to do a short video with lots of snippets from summer, but by the time the idea came to me it was already mid-summer. It means I missed quite a few big events including one of my best friend’s wedding, which I’d have loved to got some footage of. As such, the video above is pretty much cobbled together from whatever I had to hand. It’s not brilliant by any means, but I do love the opening time lapse shot of the Greenwich river front – I didn’t adjust the colour, that’s actually how it looked which was pretty amazing!

A few things I’ve learnt so far:

  • Always film more than you think you’ll need. When it comes to editing there’s so much you’ll cut out, so always hang on filming for a little bit longer than you think you’ll need. In the video above I’ve had to keep clips running for longer than I wanted because I didn’t have anything else to fill the space.
  • Silent movies are infinitely easier to make. Just find a song you like, knock out the audio from your clips and wham bam thank you mam, a much nicer and easier to work with film.
  • Some people love being filmed, some people hate it. I got a tonne of footage in Budapest to make a travel video, but found that whilst some people totally didn’t mind being on camera and just tended to act like I wasn’t there (in a good way!), others, i.e. my other half Joe, really didn’t like it, which is a shame, but something I’ll just have to work around.
  • There’s an absolute wealth of info out there about film making and very handily, there’s lots of YouTube videos where you can pick up easy tips and tricks.

Like I said, I’m still in the very early stages of learning so if anyone has any tips, tricks or links they think would be useful please do let me know!



After being cooped up in the house for a few days due to a stinking cold, I decided I needed some fresh air so went for a walk around Greenwich Park. I love living so close to the park – it’s literally on our door step – and it makes me feel incredibly lucky to be near to such a wonderful, green part of London.

Greenwich Park looks good at every time of year, but it looks particularly beautiful with the sun in shining, but then again, isn’t that the case with everywhere? The song in the video is Green Garden by Laura Mvula which I thought was very appropriate for how it was looking.

I’ve lived in Greenwich for a couple of years now and have always thought about doing a mini guide on what there is to do, the best places to go, where to eat etc. It’s a very popular place to visit if the village is anything to go by on the weekend. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see and I’ll have a think about putting it together.

PS: If you want to watch this in HD, click the video or HERE to watch it in Vimeo.




As soon as I started to write this post on the Holistic Silk Eye Mask I started to think about all the ways I could justify spending this much on what is essentially an eye mask, so I’m going to do just that:

1. It’s really big. I’m some what of an expert when it comes to eye masks and sleep in one nearly every night. I’ve found that a lot of masks leave gaps, which you can easily see out of. The Holistic Silk Eye Mask covers most of your face meaning that not a peep of light is getting under there.

2. It smells GORGEOUS. It has lavender inside which I think is a really lovely touch. It’s not overpowering at all, just a lovely subtle scent that you get a whiff of when you put it on, and if you move about in your sleep. Heaven.

3. It’s sooo soft. It’s made from the finest silk and velvet which just feels so nice on your skin. It doesn’t pull/drag your skin if you’re moving about either which I love.

4. It’s made in Britain, by a good independent brand. As I get older, I’ve noticed that this sort of thing is becoming more important to me. Holistic Silk manufacture in the UK and sometimes India where some products are made by Tibetan refugees in the Himalayas. With this product, it’s a case of feels good, does good.

I managed to get mine for around £35(ish) as I had a 20% discount code for Cult Beauty, so it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for discount codes floating about. I really, truly, 100% rate the Holistic Silk Eye Mask and think it’s a very worthy investment if you have trouble with sleep/ like to wear an eye mask. I wouldn’t be without mine now!

If you fancy picking one up for yourself you can do so HERE.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bloody love Formula X as a brand and think it’s such a shame we can’t get it over here in the UK. When Sephora starting shipping to the UK I got a bit excited because I was naive to think they would ship Formula X. Alas, it wasn’t to be, as you can’t ship nail polish *insert OTT dramatic sad face emoji .* So last week in Paris I picked up a few bits and pieces whilst I had chance.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFirst of all I picked up the amazing Formula X Nail Cleanser. I discovered this last year in New York and it’s been a permanent fixture in my nail routine ever since. You apply it to clean nails before your base coat and it helps to get rid of any surface oil on your nails, which means your base coat will stick better and your whole manicure will last longer. It really does work, hence my purchase of it a second time round. It does dry my nails out though, so I have to make sure I use plenty of cuticle oil/hand cream to make sure my nails don’t start to flake. I also really like the base coat from Formula X, the top coat, not so much.

I then picked up two shades. The first, Powersource, is a nice creamy hot coral that’s essentially summer in a bottle. The second, Glorious is a cross between a dirty lilac and pale periwinkle/cornflower blue. It’s a great spring pastel, but I think I’ll still get use out of it in the colder months too due to the slightly grey undertone. It looks a lot more blue in the picture above, I promise in real life it has a definite lilac streak to it.

Like all Formula X colours I’ve found them to last a really good while, have great colour pay off (2 coats does the job) and a lovely consistency. I’m also a big fan of the brush – it reminds me of the old thin Essie brushes that they use to have prior to going mainstream.

Ah Sephora, please come back over to the UK please?